Registering foreign life events within the Hungarian Civil Registry is done by the Government Office of the Capital City of Budapest.

You can initiate the registration of a life event with a registrar in Hungary relative to your residence, or a competent consular officer abroad.
You can find which consular district your state belongs to here (USA only).

Please note that appointments are required for all consular and visa matters. We cannot accept walk-in applications.

Appointments can be booked directly through our online booking system.

You can find more information about the registration processes on the following pages. These services include registration of foreign birth(s), marriage(s), and/or death(s) within the Hungarian registry.

Foreign life event registration in Hungary:

Proof of Hungarian citizenship is required for registrations. The following documents are accepted as proof:

- a valid Hungarian passport, or expired within one year
- valid Hungarian identity card,
- a certificate of citizenship, not older than 3 years, or
- a certificate of naturalization

If the applicant does not have any of the documents listed above, (at least one of the parents in case of an underage child), verification of citizenship is required in order to prove the existence of Hungarian citizenship, prior to registration in Hungary.

Government Office of the Capital City of Budapest availability:

Address: 1105 Budapest, Kőrösi Csoma Sándor út 53-55.
Phone: (1) 323-3176, (1) 323-3162
Fax: (1) 323-3180
Office hours: Tuesday 8.30am-12.00pm