Who can initiate the registration and how?

Hungarian law stipulates that all foreign life events of a Hungarian citizen (marriage, divorce, etc.) must be registered in Hungary. You can initiate the registration of your foreign divorce if you are able to prove your Hungarian citizenship.

Please note that appointments are required for all consular and visa matters. We cannot accept walk-in applications.

Appointments can be booked directly through our online booking system. https://konzinfobooking.mfa.gov.hu


The application can only be submitted in person. Mailed-in applications will be sent back without further consideration.


 What fees are involved?

Divorce registration is free of charge.


What forms do I need to fill out?

You can find the necessary application form, with a complementary English translation, at the bottom of this page. Only the Hungarian form will be accepted.

When filling out the form, please use a blue ink pen, all CAPITAL letters, and do not sign anything in advance. You may also fill out the form electronically.

Full names must be written everywhere, in the Hungarian name order (Last name, First name, Middle name). Example: John T. Smith must be written as Smith John Thomas.

When referring to cities in the United States, please also specify the state. Do not use abbreviations.


What other supporting documents do I need to submit?

For the application, the applicant must present a government-issued valid picture ID, preferably Hungarian passport.

A copy of the Hungarian marriage certificate must also be presented. If the marriage happened abroad and it has not yet been registered in Hungary, this registration must also be initiated.

The consular office cannot accept the application if the original foreign divorce judgment– which contains the exact date of absolute divorce – is not presented. An authenticated Hungarian translation of the judgment is mandatory

Official Hungarian translations can be prepared by the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation. Our office is also able to authenticate translations presented by the client.


Once my marriage is registered, will I automatically get back my maiden name?

No. Modifying a registered name must be requested separately. A registered married name can be modified while the marriage is still valid, or after its dissolution.