Where can I apply?

Citizenship applications can only be submitted in person. Mailed-in applications will be sent back without further consideration.

You can apply at the Hungarian representation in the consular district you reside in.


What fees are involved?
RECENT CHANGE: As of 2022. January 1st, the government decree regarding Hungarian citizenship was amended. Applicants can now submit a more detailed request for a citizenship certificate, which involves paying the relevant nonrefundable consular fee.
Requesting the certificate is not mandatory. If applicants do not want a certificate, the application is free of charge.


I am a Hungarian citizen and would like my underage child to get Hungarian citizenship.

If you have proof of your Hungarian citizenship, you do not have to apply for the verification of the citizenship of your child under the age of 6; simply initiate the registration of his or her birth.


What forms do I need to fill out?

You can find the necessary application forms, with complementary English translations, at the bottom o f this page. Only the Hungarian forms will be accepted.

When filling out the forms, please use a blue ink pen, all CAPITAL letters, and do not sign anything in advance. You may also fill out the form electronically.

Full names must be written everywhere, in the Hungarian name order (Last name, First name, Middle name). Example: John T. Smith must be written as Smith John Thomas.

When referring to cities in the United States, please also specify the state. Do not use abbreviations.

a) Which forms are relevant to me?

- All applicants have to fill out the “Application for citizenship certificate” form (“Állampolgárság igazolása iránti kérelem”)

- All applicants have to fill out the “Address registration form” (“Adatlap külföldön élő magyar állampolgárként történő nyilvántartásba vételhez”)

- Applicants who do not have a Hungarian birth certificate must initiate the process of registering their own foreign birth. “Birth registration form” (“Adatlap külföldön történt születés hazai anyakönyvezéséhez”)

- Applicants whose marital status is not single, please see below: 


Why is my marital status relevant?

Hungarian law stipulates that all foreign events of a Hungarian citizen (birth, marriage, divorce, death) must be registered in Hungary.  

a) I am currently married

If you were married in Hungary or your marriage has already been registered in Hungary, you will just have to show your Hungarian-issued marriage certificate.

If you were not married in Hungary or you do not have a Hungarian-issued marriage certificate, please fill out the marriage registration form (“Adatlap a külföldön kötött házasság hazai anyakönyvezéséhez”).

You need to attach your marriage certificate to the application.

Please note that marriage certificates that only contain the names of the spouses will be deemed insufficient. More information is required (such as DOB, place of birth, parents’ names) so the two spouses can be successfully identified, i.e. more detailed (long-form) marriage certificate or marriage license. Non-secular marriage certificates are also insufficient proof of marriage.


Since you are presently married, your spouse has to come to the appointment as well. Please note: attending the appointment does not mean that your spouse is also applying for Hungarian citizenship verification. Their presence is needed for the registration of the foreign marriage within the Hungarian Civil Registry.


b) I am currently divorced

If the divorce was pronounced by a Hungarian court, or if your Hungarian-issued certificate has a remark saying that the marriage was dissolved by a foreign court, you will just have to show your Hungarian-issued marriage certificate.

If you do not have such marriage certificate, please fill out the divorce registration form (“Adatlap a külföldön felbontott vagy érvénytelenné nyilvánított házasságról”).

Divorces can only be registered if the applicant has a Hungarian-issued marriage certificate or initiates the registration of their foreign marriage - please refer to point a).

You need to attach the divorce decree (rule absolute), with a Hungarian translation. For recommendations of translation services, please inquire via email:

c) I am currently a widow/widower

If your foreign marriage has not yet been registered, please refer to point a).

If your spouse was a Hungarian citizen, please submit his or her Hungarian-issued death certificate. If you do not have one, please have the death registered in Hungary.

You need to attach your spouse’s death certificate to the application.



Do I need to have my foreign certificates translated?

If a certificate was not originally issued in Hungarian, English, German, or French, we will require an official Hungarian translation by the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation.

Occasionally, US birth or marriage certificates are handwritten. In such cases, a Hungarian translation may be required.

What other supporting documents do I need to submit?

All applicants must present their valid passport, which serves as proof of their foreign citizenship. If an applicant does not have a passport, another form of valid picture ID is fine.

The applicant must present their own birth certificate and proof of marital status (unless single – never married).

Hungarian citizenship law is based on the principles of jus sanguinis, therefore it is imperative to have supporting documents that prove lineage, in the form of birth and marriage certificates.

For example:

An applicant’s maternal grandfather was born in present-day Hungary, emigrating in 1956. The applicant’s marital status is married.
Supporting documents would be as follows:

  • Applicant’s valid passport.
  • Applicant’s birth certificate.
  • Applicant’s marriage certificate.
  • Spouse’s valid passport.
  • Mother’s birth certificate.
  • Mother’s marriage certificate.
  • Maternal grandfather’s Hungarian birth certificate.
  • Maternal grandfather’s marriage certificate.

This applicant would need to fill out four forms in total: citizenship verification, birth registration, marriage registration, and address registration.

Do you keep my original birth certificate?

All documents presented to us must be original or certified copies. However, we do not keep any original documents; we just merely have to see them. If a certificate was issued by the Hungarian government, a copy will suffice

How can I schedule an appointment?

Please note the following changes regarding our office hours: we no longer offer clients the ability to schedule their own citizenship verification appointments. Rather, we will give appointments after our office was able to confirm that the client has all the necessary supporting documents and application forms filled out.

Please send your completed forms via PDF files to
Include the following information in your inquiry:
-              Full name and DOB
-              Current marital status
-              Ancestor you are basing your claim on (full name, family relation, DOB, POB, year they emigrated from Hungary)


Where is my application processed?

The office that is responsible for the verification of your Hungarian citizenship is the Department of Citizenship and Native Registry of the Government Office of the Capital City Budapest.

Processing citizenship verification applications takes on average 8-12 months, and the Consulate is unable to speed up the proceedings. We only receive the applications and forward them to the competent Hungarian authority.