As of May 21, 2021, a Hungarian citizen can enter the territory of Hungary without restriction if they meet the following requirements:

a) they have been vaccinated abroad with a vaccine against COVID-19 authorized in the European Union or in Hungary, and have a vaccination record card issued in that country in Hungarian or English, or a certified Hungarian translation of the certificate issued in another language, and;

b) the purpose of entry to Hungary is to submit the application for the issuance of the Hungarian immunity certificate in person at a government office, and

c) they submit an application under point (b) no later than the 2nd business day after arrival.

In accordance with the above stated, a minor under the supervision of a Hungarian citizen entering Hungary may enter the territory of Hungary without restriction together.

A Hungarian citizen who meets the conditions listed in point a) may also enter the territory of Hungary without restriction if they have submitted the application under point b) electronically in the specified manner and is able to prove this.

The application is free of charge.


As of May 21, 2021, a Hungarian citizen who has been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus in the United States - with a vaccine that is also accepted by Hungary - and has an official COVID-19 Vaccination Record issued by the United States, may apply for a Hungarian immunity certificate free of charge:

- in person at any Hungarian public administration client center (in Hungary), or

- electronically via the e-government gateway (Ügyfélkapu)

The immunity certificate is issued free of charge within 15 days.

The application should be submitted with the vaccination record card (Hungarian or English) issued by a foreign authority or the healthcare provider performing the vaccination. If the record card was issued in any other language, a certified Hungarian translation must be attached. The vaccination record card must contain the type of coronavirus vaccine, date and place of vaccination.

Applicant must submit the following:

  • individual civilian’s personal data (full name, DOB, POB, etc.)
  • document number of a government issued valid picture ID
  • Hungarian postal address (for the delivery of Hungarian immunity certificate), and
  • Hungarian social security number (TAJ - Társadalombiztosítási Azonosító Jel), if available

After certifying the legitimacy of the application, the supplied personal information will be recorded to the National eHealth Infrastructure (abbreviated EESZT).

Based on the above:

• Hungarian citizens who already have Hungarian immunity certificate can enter Hungary without quarantine at any time during the validity of the card.
• Hungarian citizens may also enter Hungary without quarantine if they can prove that they previously applied for the immunity certificate online, or their purpose of entry is to submit such an application in person (must be submitted within two business days).
• The exemption from quarantine also applies to minors traveling with Hungarian citizens who meet the above stated points.
• Hungarian citizens who do not initiate the application for the Hungarian immunity certificate within 2 business days of arrival are subject to current quarantine regulations.

For more information, clients should inquire with the government office where they would submit their application:

For details regarding submission through the e-government gateway, please contact the Government Customer Service Line: +36 1 550 1858

You can contact the Coronavirus Emergency Center by email: