15 Oct

Three young American-Hungarian high school students had the opportunity this summer to work on a project for Boston Consulting Group’s Budapest office on business opportunities and solutions for the Covid epidemic.  Led by Miki Sauska physically in the Budapest office, the team engaged in a virtual internship at BCG exploring Covid and market opportunities. Virtual cooperation allowed the team to conducted interviews in Hungarian and English with leading industry experts and engineers around the world. The focus of their research was on applications of UVC technologies used to purify water, air and surfaces in hospitals and many other facilities around the world. The current world leader in this technology is Light Tech, based in Dunakeszi, Hungary with a sister company, Light Sources, in Connecticut, USA, home of the 3 students.  Miki Sauska’s family founded Light Sources – Light Tech which provided the team unique access to industry information.

After a month of extensive research, interviews and analysis based on BCG’s unique consulting methodology the team produced a market report on the opportunities in this field.

The benefits of the technology are that it is environmentally friendly, classified as a green technology, and kills bacteria and other living organisms, including Covid to the best of our current knowledge.  Hospitals today use UVC lamps to purify medical surfaces and also via air conditioning systems, to purify the air in hospitals which has been proven to decrease infection rates.  While UVC is used mostly for water purification in households and other industries, the team found that UVC’s application, especially in air purification, could provide tremendous benefits during the Covid epidemic to decrease spread of the disease.

The team was composed of Miki Sauska, Julianna Ball and Elek Krizsán. All three residents of Connecticut and Hungarian-speaking American-Hungarians. The team was kind enough to share with the Consulate General of Hungary in New York their final report, which we are pleased to share with you here:

 2020 BCG Research